Research Areas

Current Research Topics

Underwater Acoustics & Signal Processing

  • Underwater acoustic communication & networking
  • Automated classification & clustering of acoustic signals
  • Distributed & robust array signal processing
  • Differentiable acoustic propagation modeling
  • Monte Carlo methods & Bayesian inference in matched field processing (MFP)
  • Ambient noise imaging (ANI) & passive acoustics
  • Snapping shrimp noise

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

  • Estimation of arctic glacial melt rate using passive acoustics
  • Coral reef health monitoring with passive acoustics
  • Bird species monitoring with passive acoustics

Cooperative Underwater Robotics

  • Informative path-planning for teams of robots
  • Adaptive sampling with teams of robots
  • Human-robot cooperation under severe communication constraints
  • Cooperative terrain-aided underwater navigation
  • Path-planning for cooperative navigation
  • Emergent behaviors in small teams of robots